Home Energy Audit Produces Big Energy Savings

A Home Energy Audit is providing Chuck Kelly energy savings of hundreds of dollars each month.

Kelly, of Metro Sports Communications, got tired of the monster payments he was making for electricity every month, so he called for a Home Energy Audit.

Berkeys inspected Kelly’s home air conditioning systems and air ducts. They pressure tested his whole house to locate costly leaks. A thorough inspection helped find hot spots in walls, floors, and ceilings. All the data was compiled into a computer-generated analysis that showed precisely where energy savings were available. fixed all problem areas.

Chuck’s electric bills tell the story best:

  • $794 = June – before the home energy audit
  • $577 = July –  corrective work in progress
  • $473 = August – most corrective work was completed
  • $322 = September – all work completed, cooler weather begins

The result was huge 40% energy savings between June and August – and August
was hotter. Comparing June to September, the reduction was nearly 59%, part of which was due to somewhat cooler weather. Is the Home Energy Savings Company can serve you better and help you save money. In most cases, the savings you get from a Home Energy Audit and corrective follow-up action quickly pay back the cost of the audit and then continue to provide long-term energy savings.

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